Education & training

I'm an accredited lead trainer in membership development for Wikimedia UK, helping new, non-geeky people learn about Wikipedia. I have also had Wikipedia Campus Ambassador training.

My Wikipedia contributions include a Featured Article on confirmation bias.

The educational resources I've created include a tutorial on the Prisoner's Dilemma, discussing how opposed interests can learn to co-operate.

I write about psychology and philosophy on the Bias and Belief blog.

Cult monitoring

I have been informing the public about the Scientology cult since 1995. My current site includes a UK media archive with hundreds of items.

I contribute to Wikipedia articles on the subject, including Scientology in the UK, Xenu, Purification Rundown and Disconnection.

Talks and lectures

I speak around the country on topics including cognitive psychology and the Scientology cult.

I have given two Ignite talks. What is Bayesianism and why should you care? (above) introduces the "Bayesian revolution" in science and statistics. The Triumph of Social Knowledge is an overview of my psychological interests.

I support

Music and humour

Glandscape Hardeners: comedy songs

My revenge on Hollyoaks (Youtube)

Coma Pilot (music): new site coming soon



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